BOBOSART is the premier provider of art consulting services in the thriving cultural region of Tampa Bay, Florida.

We serve local and national clients with innovative art solutions custom tailored for their unique project or development. Our team works closely with decision makers, architects, designers and general contractors. The result is art, both freestanding and integrated with building and landscape architecture, that realizes your goals and aspirations, and delivers the wow factor to your project.

Collaboration with key stakeholders, policy and regulatory compliance, and disciplined project management are fundamental to our approach. BOBOSART professionals deliver on time and on budget.

BOBOS: def;  plural noun; [ΒŌ-ΒŌS], French, circa 1990’s. bourgeois bohemians

BOBOSART: def; verb; [ΒŌ-ΒŌS-ART], Floridian, circa 2004. Innovative art solutions; the swinging bridge between the left side of the brain and the right.

Thanks to David Brooks and his excellent book, Bobos in Paradise, for inspiring our company name.